Sept 17 Frog Mountain Grand-Kids Getaway Swellendam

We booked months ago to take advantage of the off peak special and took the grand-children out of school a bit early before the school hols – this was going to be far more educational than school 🙂

Road past Caledon

Frog Mountain – 20 Kms past Swellendam and 8kms up a gravel road into a mountain cul-de-sac.

We heard of this place through the school magazine and it seemed ideal for smaller kids whose first question is not “What’s the wi-fi password?” and so it proved to be. Our Grandson is 9 and the Twin girls are 5. Our daughter came with us and her husband joined us later.

Willow Lodge Frog Mountain

Driving from Cape Town on the N2 you go past Swellendam and after 20 Kms there is the Buffelsjag Prison ! on the left, and the bridge over the river – there is small sign for Frog Mountain that would be easy to miss. You turn left here and then drive for 8kms on a fair gravel road up a valley into a kloof which ends at Frog Mountain Farm. The road takes you past the Buffelsjag Dam – no water shortage here – and tracks adjacent to the river – past various small holdings – it is a beautiful drive.

In the Kids Playground

Fun on the swing

There are several cottages and rondavels plus a small swimming pool and an up-market large cottage up below the main farm house. Bit too swish in my opinion. The only drawback is that the gravel road runs past all these dwellings and whilst not madly busy traffic does come up and down the road so one needs to enforce strict rules especially with smaller children.

We were very lucky in that we virtually had the entire place to ourselves so were free to do whatever, whenever – might be a different story during high season school holiday time.

The children had a really great time and were so exhausted by night time that they slept through the entire nights of our stay without a squeak 🙂

The discounted four night stay was in total R 4800 – which for 4 adults and 3 kids is really not bad. (6000 normally)

A window visitor

There was lots to do and explore and even the twins were game for a spot of mountain climbing………..

End of the Valley

The famous apple ?

Les “Deux”

Lots to photograph

Climbing up to the Labyrinth

At night the egrets came and roosted in the tree – never seen that before !

It has to be said that the canoes are a bit in need of attention and the same could be said for some of the other facilities too – Owners never seem to stay in or use their own facilities – if they did they would come to realise what irritates paying guests. Not a big bitch here but some attention to the detail would go a long way.

My Son-in-Law duly arrived so it was to be river naturally ! Whilst shallow not suitable for the twins and a very rocky & slippery river bed.

Lots of birdlife

There is an amazing waterfall on the other side of the river but can only be glimpsed from the far bank – it is supposed to be easily accessible with a bit of a walk but the river was low with no easy landing place on the other side. So whilst the kids were fishing with their Dad I ventured off and with boots around neck waded across the very slippery & stony river bed and clambered up the other side 🙂 – Was it worth it ? Hell Yes !

So all in all a very peasant four day get-away and a great success for the littles, the weather was kind with just a few light showers the one day.

Nice surroundings, very quiet (when the kids were in bed) – lots of braai wood supplied – we cooked two nights and did a braai the other two. Lovely position, lots to see and do.

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Route From Swellendam