May 19 Family Get-together Stanford S Cape

Family getaway to Landmeterskop Self Catering Farm 20kms from Stanford – As green as Ireland

The Twins had been promised two years ago (then 4 years of age) that they could go and see newly born lambs….they didn’t forget ! But due to the popularity of this venue we had to wait a while to get a five day stay and the bonus was that Camilla & Andrew came over from the UK and joined us.

Early morning drive out of Cape Town over Sir Lowry’s Pass to avoid the traffic – magic dawn & unbelievable skies.

The drive down was an escape from the big city into wide rolling hills & vistas – by the time the kids had arrived and realised that they were set free it was smiles all round.

Even the birds were there to sing – I wonder what key this is in and what the tempo is –

New born lambs galore

With which goes responsibility of feeding the abandoned ones

Clear Night sky – just the first night.

Next morning heavy dew and deep mist –

Quality time for all………….

Oi where’s my girls eggs ?

Hands on education……….no thumbs required………(well in a way LOL)….

What passes for wildlife down here

Well off the road, so much free space to run around and explore – huge skies & views

Well it’s a farm

Dramatic Skies a plenty

Lovely old trees

Laughter, fun and games for all

Confidence grows by the day Zsa Zsa now age 6 off to the hen house for egg collecting

More “Wildlife”

Cute hey >

Well there has to be one !

Sisters & Mom catch up time

More skies and the cheeky chief gate opener

Lunch out at Stanford Manor – well worth the trip – lovely surroundings and excellent food.

Trip out to Lomond Wine Farm and natch some purchases

Yes that’s the business end Camilla

Not so still life

Yes Town boy Andrew this is what the country is like LOL

Sisterly bonding – such behaviour, all my fault I suppose……..

So good time had by all – downcast faces when leaving but a promise to return soon. To be strongly recommended to anyone with small or not so small children

Last View

Final whispy Sky

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