Photos 2018 to May 2020

In view of the lockdown we had to cancel our trip to the Kgalagadi which was a huge blow so the time has been spent doing more photography and improving skills in Lightroom (a long way still to go LOL)

Below are a selection of what I regard as some of my better efforts over the last two years and it is in this period that I feel I’ve made the most progress after I upgraded from my bridge cameras and started to take far more care with the Lumix G9 of which I have 2 bodies and the following lenses. 8-18, 35-100, 42.5 prime nocticron lens and the 100-400 – I still use the Bridge camera Lumix FZ330 – it has its uses especially for macro.

More photos are on my Instagram account: Instagram

We mostly do African travel but were lucky in this period to also visit Paris, Iceland & the Artic so a selection is included here too.



NAMIBIA – Aus Region


A selection of photos taken in South Africa will follow in due course on the next page.